Healthcare 5S Lean

Healthcare and 5S Lean

5S Lean is the ultimate organizational tool for the modern, environmentally friendly
healthcare work environment.

By incorporating industry-leading products from Akro-Mils, you can easily:

  • Improve workflow and productivity
  • Develop a cleaner, more efficient environment
  • Create extra workspace
  • Increase safety
  • Reduce wasted time and effort
  • Boost employee morale
  • Ensure improvements remain intact


Eliminate unnecessary items that are not needed for current workflow

Set In Order 

Frequently used workstation materials and tools should be arranged so that all needed
items are easy to get to and accessible for anyone to find


Prevent dirt from accumulating and develop a cleaning maintenance schedule


Benchmarking and evaluation tactics should be utilized to maintain a consistent approach
for carrying out tasks and procedures


Sustain efficient workflow and productivity with a 5S Lean System with products from Akro-Mils!

Download the Akro-Mils 5S Lean Brochure.