Healthcare FAQs


Q.  How can Akro-Mils help in the healthcare industry?
A.  Akro-Mils is an industry-leading manufacturer of plastic and metal storage, organization, transport
and material handling products for use in healthcare settings. Materials management standards for
healthcare settings demand that supply areas be organized, clean and safe. The broad range of
Akro-Mils products optimize storage space, improve supply chain duties, and maintain accurate
inventories —  allowing your staff more time for patient care.
Q.   How can I create valuable benefits to improve productivity and patient care?
A.  Akro-Mils storage and organization products help staff locate supplies and equipment faster, improve
inventory tracking and keep patient areas clean and organized. A variety of colors and large label areas
on products such as AkroBins, AkroDrawers and Shelf Bins ensure proper labeling and high visibility
of supplies.
Q.  How can I reduce waste and damage to supplies?
A.  Akro-Mils healthcare products encourage proper rotation of supplies with many system configurations
that allow better utilization of floor, wall and countertop spaces. Shelving Packages and Picking Systems
make it easier to maintain a first-in-first-out (FIFO) order on date-coded supplies.
Q.  How can I keep my inventory stock organized and accurate?
A.  Our products come in multiple sizes, colors and systems — allowing for easy coding, product protection
and labeling for quick identification of parts and supplies. With a wide array of storage systems and bins,
Akro-Mils products will fit the needs of your facility.
Q.  How can I save money on inventory costs?
A.  Akro-Mils’ wide variety of front hopper storage bins are great for spot checking small or large parts for
quick identification of surplus stock to prevent additional inventory ordering and holding costs. Innovative
products such as InSight Ultra-Clear Bins and Clear AkroBins provide staff with increased visibility, which
saves time when checking inventory, restocking inventory or picking supplies.
Q.  Can the use of these products help with cleanliness and a visually pleasing area?
A.  The use of Akro-Mils plastic storage bins and systems eliminate cardboard debris, preventing contamination
of supplies and sensitive parts. Other products, such as the InSight Bins, feature ultra-clear organization and
dust-free protection when used with lids and dividers.
Q.  How can reorganizing my supply room help lower inventory holding costs?
A.  When inventory is better organized, you’ll always know what you have and you can keep less on hand.
Akro-Mils offers healthcare systems and solutions that work in conjunction with other major initiatives such
as JIT, 5S Lean, and kanban.
Q.  How can these healthcare products maximize nurse productivity?

A.  Make the most of the people you have by making them more productive. Organization of materials
promotes faster and accurate material handling because time is not wasted, errors are eliminated, and
the workflow process
continues uninterrupted.
Q.  How can a well-organized supply room minimize mistakes?
A.  Effective storage and identification methods start with properly sorted inventory. Eliminating unnecessary
items that are not needed for current patient care needs minimizes excess waste and scrap caused by
human error.
Q.  How can organizing my supply room minimize loss caused by damaged product?
A.  Akro-Mils products help to eliminate damage to products during shipping, transfer and daily storage.
Durable, plastic, reusable containers are tougher than corrugated boxes, are easily cleaned and can
withstand harsh environments. 
Q.  How can Akro-Mils products reduce costs associated with disposable packaging?
A.  Akro-Mils products are a smart decision that can help you get “Lean and Green.” Plastic equivalents
to corrugated shipping containers and shelf bins eliminate high replacement costs and the cost of debris
and waste associated with removal and disposal of used corrugate. Our plastic and steel material handling
products promote sustainable solutions in storage, organization and transport systems.