AkroBin Metal Cabinet Quick-View Doors AC3618QV

AkroBin® Metal Storage Cabinets provide secure storage protection for tools, dies, supplies, and personal belongings. All-welded cabinets are powder-coated, constructed of 16-gauge steel and feature a keyed handle with 3-point locking system.

AC3618QV240 comes with 36 AkroBins.
AC3618QV250 comes with 18 AkroBins.

AkroBin Metal Storage Cabinets AC3618QV have louvers on the back of the cabinet and Quick-View windowed doors.

Made in the USA

Product Specifications

  • Associated Bin Type:
    • AkroBin
  • Bin Model (Qty):
    • 30240 (36)
    • 30250 (18)
  • Cabinet Depth:
    • 18"
  • Cabinet Dim. (WxDxH):
    • 36"x18"x78"
  • Cabinet Type:
    • Bin Cabinet
  • Door Type:
    • Quick-View
  • Included Bin Color:
    • Yellow
  • Lock Type:
    • Keyed Handle
  • Product Status:
    • Top Seller

Compatible Accessories

AkroBin Metal Cabinet AC3618QV (w/ Bins)
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Product # # Bins
AC3618QV240 Quick-View Bin Cabinet 36x18x78 w/ 36 AkroBins 30240, Beige/Yellow (AC3618QV240)
AC3618QV250 Quick-View Bin Cabinet 36x18x78 w/ 18 AkroBins 30250, Beige/Yellow (AC3618QV250)
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