ShelfMax8 Bins

Extra-large ShelfMax8 bins feature even greater storage options for end users — including up to 95 percent more holding capacity than traditional 4" shelf bins, and 65 percent more capacity than 6" bins. These 8" tall plastic storage bins feature a wide hopper front for easy access and a built-in rear hanglock to allow complete access to contents when tilted out on shelving. The oversized label area easily accommodates a 2" high adhesive label, or multiple labels for divided bins holding multiple SKUs. Width and length dividers are available. One-piece construction is waterproof and unaffected by grease or oil.

  • 30814Y-with-Labels-and-Length-Dividers
  • 30860SCLAR-w-40860-hardware
  • SM8-on-wire-shelving
  • SM8-with-ind-props

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