ULTRA/Deck Platform Trucks

ULTRA/Deck Platform Trucks are HDPE-molded structural plastic for strength and long-term durability. Molded structural foam plastic decks have exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, are easy to clean, have excellent chemical resistance, and resist damage from long-term exposure to weather. Decks feature steel reinforcements, extra structural ribs, and bolt-on casters.  ULTRA/Decks are available in two sizes – 24" x 48" and 30" x 60", and have non-skid surfaces. Cart handles and rails have a durable powder-coated finish, and are removable for convenient shipping and storage. 3,000-lb. load capacity!

Handle A = All-purpose single handle on one end
Handle B = Two handles, one on each end; push or pull from either end
Handle D = Three lengthwise handles for hauling lumber, drywall, molding or paneling
Handle G = Two lengthwise handles, plus 1 open handle on one end
Handle H = One lengthwise handle, plus 2 crossbar handles on each end
Handle L = Two lengthwise handles, plus 2 open handles on each end

Made in the USA

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    Handle Configuration A: 1 Swayback Handle
    B: 2 Swayback Handles
    D: 3 In-deck Rails
    G: 1 Swayback Handle & 2 In-deck Rails
    H: 2 Swayback Handles & 1 In-deck Rail
    L: 2 Swayback Handles & 2 In-deck Rails


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