Upright Shelving Posts

Chrome posts for use with wire shelves. 18 gauge tube wall, 1˝ O.D. tube. Available in various heights ranging from 54" to 86" to suit your needs. Posts feature a double-ring visual indicator for proper shelf spacing during assembly. Adjustment rings every 1˝. All posts include a plastic post top cap and a 3/8"-16 threaded base insert for installing feet and casters.

86" posts are 2-piece posts and screw together for easy assembly.


Product Specifications

  • Adjustable:
    • 1" increments
  • Finish:
    • Chrome
  • NSF Certified:
    • Yes
Shelving Posts
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Product #
Ctn Qty
AWP54UPRIGHT 54" Upright, Chrome (AWP54UPRIGHT)
AWP63UPRIGHT 63" Upright, Chrome (AWP63UPRIGHT)
AWP74UPRIGHT 74" Upright, Chrome (AWP74UPRIGHT)
AWP86UPRIGHT 86" Upright, 2-piece, Chrome (AWP86UPRIGHT)
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