New Products

Pegboard Bin Adapters

Red Plastic Storage Cabinets
26-Drawer & 44-Drawer

Circular Steel Dollies

Akro-Tilt Trucks Nest to Save on Shipping Costs

Steel Cabinets with Keyless Electronic Locks

Box Trucks with Gas-Assist Lids

Clear Attached Lid Containers

Single Row Louvered Panel

2 New Sizes of AkroBins
30232 & 30242

Picking/Stocking Cart
for ShelfMax8

Cross-Stack Akro-Tub Racks

Nest & Stack Totes

Louvered Carts with Locking Doors

Label Holder for
Wire Shelving

Hinged Lid for
Super-Size AkroBins

Mobile Wire Shelf
Utility Carts

Dolly for Single-Sided
Louvered Rack

Mobile Slanted Shelf
Wire Starter Units

4 New Sizes!

Bracket for Plastic Cabinets

Textured White
Louvered Wall Panels

Plastic Shelf Dividers
for Wire or Steel Shelving