Room Reorganization Guide

DESIgn or Reorganize Your Supply Room
with Akro-MIls products!

A well-organized supply room is critical in healthcare and medical settings. Extra time spent
by physicians, ancillary staff, and nursing staff searching for supplies can affect the quality of
care and timeliness being given to your patients.

Using these easy-to-follow steps, your supply room reorganization team can get you started
immediately on your plan!

Step 1: Appoint a leadership team of 3 to 5 diverse members.

Step 2: Assess the current supply room situation throughout your facility:
• Survey your staff members about the current supply room set-up
• Assess the current shelving units in use

• Examine the need for a color code system

• Assess the use of all departments that might store items in the supply room

Step 3: Sort the items in your pilot program supply room. Review PAR levels and determine
the appropriate size bin or container for all supplies in the room.

Step 4: Measure the supply room and note any special circumstances. Review this preferred
arrangement with representatives from the nursing and materials management staffs.

Step 5: Determine the optimal date and time for your pilot supply room reorganization.

Step 6: Prepare labels or labeling system for bins and shelving units in advance of your
reorganization day.

Step 7: Organize your existing and new shelving, and install your louvered panels.

Step 8: One area at a time, reorganize your supply room.

Step 9: Speak to members of nursing staff, center supply staff, and others that use the room
about the layout of your newly reorganized supply room.

Step 10: Survey staff members on the effectiveness of the new program, and make any final
adjustments needed.

Step 11: Make sure the 5S schedule and checklist are clearly posted and followed daily. All staff
members must be dedicated to sustaining 5S in your facility.

Step 12: Create a plan to convert the remaining supply rooms in your facility.

Using the 5S process, and Akro-Mils products created specifically for healthcare settings, you
can transform a difficult and frustrating supply room system to one that is clean, organized and
a benefit to your staff and patients!